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Take a 'sneak peek' at the slick new aromapod that is changing the world of aromatherapy.


Sniff n Go

Personal Aromatherapy Scent Inhalers

They're personal, eco-friendly and non intrusive.

Sniff n Go aromapods provide the health benefits of aromatherapy through an innovative scent inhaler that's smaller than a credit card and fits conveniently in your pocket or purse. The essential oils are micro-infused into a small organic wafer which eliminates the glass vials and handling the volatile oils.

Instead of dispersing the essential oils into the environment with candles, sprays or diffusers, the aromas are delivered directly to your nose.

Aromapod scent inhalers are convenient, non instrusive and easy to use. Just slide open, inhale deeply 3 to 5 times, and close.

Only the finest 100% pure therapeutic-grade pure essential oils are used in our Sniff n Go product lines.

Sniff n Go aromapods are available in 4 exciting product lines. Click on the product logos below for more information.


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